Wintimes Software Program

This is probably the most uncomplicated Astrology program you have used to date. This program is great for people who donít know Astrology.

Enter birth data and click SAVE, to make sure you have it next time.

Enter gambling city and click SAVE, to make sure you have it next time.

Click OK to call up your chart.


The greatest feature of all is the DATA list of transits by the minute. No other Astrology computer program has this feature in the way this one is done so detailed and accurate.  The is the most important feature for finding casino gambling wintimes ~ TRANSITS BY THE MINUTE to see exactly what's happening for you any minute of any day.

Once you saved all your winning data, You can see which planets are good for you and what degrees. This will help fine-tune your wintimes.  You can also click on the high peaks and see what planets are aspecting your natal chart. It is very important to record your wintimes.


Table of Houses for any date, anywhere in the world is available. Not many Astrology programs include the Table of Houses, which is the most important feature for gambling. Unlike any other program, the Table of Houses list also includes the Sun, Moon, Part of Fortune, EP and Vertex. It shows a table for every 4 minutes. If you want to see the minutes in between, just advance or decrease your UPDATE by 1 minute, or set a new time for your chart.

The program may be used as an overall all-around Astrology program, but its major purpose is for the split-second timing for any event, especially for gambling, and from when to find the perfect house to when to go on an interview and hundreds more. The search feature will help you find those times.  WHEN TO DO ANYTHING!

Transit interpretations are also available for any chart.

An Instruction ebook is also available to learn how to use the program to find your wintimes.

It's that easy and simple. And it's very fast.

Added Features

Once you learned how to find your wintimes and want to learn more about Astrology, then you can dig deeper and play around with added features.


* Need two charts? Click on your chart and then click 2nd chart box and click another chart from names list and there you have two of them.

* Click on wheels and there you have them ~ Natal Wheel, Transit Wheel or both.

* Click SWITCH and you can have the inner wheel on the outside, and vs. in seconds.

* Want to see the aspects, click ASPECTS.

* Want to see a full data printout of the aspects, click DATA and whichever feature you'd like in that menu.

* Want transit descriptions? Click TRANSIT DESCRIPTIONS.

* If you need Table of Houses, click on TABLE OF HOUSES.

* If you want to change the orbs, go to OPTIONS and change them.

* If you want to eliminate certain aspects or or midpoints, just click their boxes to add them, they're all here. Type 0 degree orb to turn them off or whatever orb degree you want to turn them on.

* Type in whatever longitude, latitude and time zone you want.

* Need a city? Click on List of Cities to insert one. City not there and you want to add it, just click on EDIT and add your city and SAVE.

* Want to change the colors of your planets, lines, background? If you want the glyphs or type smaller or larger, just go to options and change them. Then click SAVE.

* Want to save chart files to attach to emails later? Just click SAVE and they will save in your program folder automatically and under whatever name you named your chart.

* If you don't want to bother saving charts or sending them as attachments, click on ASCII and you will be able to copy and  paste a simple wheel to your emails. Any email program can see an ASCII wheel.

* 93 Fixed Stars are listed.

* Options to use the Day Part of Fortune, or the Night Part of Fortune, or whichever applies.

* You can add as many names as you would like. Unlike the old Blue Star program and others which allow only so many chart files, your list can be as long as what your computer will hold. Same with the Atlas.

* PROGRESSED Charts is available.

* Rectification of charts is possible for 1 minute, 1 hour and 1 day, forward or backward.

* An Astro Clock is included for one chart or for two ~ and can be set to advance every 10 seconds to 60 seconds. If you have two charts showing, it doesn't matter if the natal wheel is the inner or the outer wheel ~ the transit wheel will advance.

* A planetary hour guide is built into the program. You can see the planetary hours from years back to years ahead for any longitude and latitude. When you click on it, you will see the planetary hours for the chart you have on the screen. Need to know the planetary hours for the location, minute, day, week, month, last year, next decade, just click on PLANETARY   HOURS.

* The Arabian Parts are listed for any chart you choose from your list of charts ~ natal, transit, or progressed charts.

* When you have two charts on your screen, the switchable charts switch in seconds. It's fast. Just click SWITCH.

* For horary students, you can name any house cusp and flip the wheel so that house cusp will appear on the Ascendant.

* You may also search 15 points in a chart at one time.

* The EP, Vertex, TP, Chiron, Part of Fortune AND House Cusps show in the chart, whether inner or outer wheel. The HOUSE CUSPS SHOW on the inner wheel! That's different!

* You can easily go to OPTIONS to set your default location and time zone. And it will stay there until you change it.

* In a hurry and want to see what's happening NOW? Just click NOW.

* The help file is fantastic and the OPTIONS file is self-explanatory. There's really nothing much to learn. This is definitely not one of those frustrating programs. You can see your names list at all times. If you would like to separate your names groups, say your club members, your family members, your business associates, just add different groups and when you want a group from what is showing, click CHANGE LIST and click on the list of names you want.


You may join the free Yahoo user's group after your purchase. It is open 24/7 a day for questions about the program.

You do not need to know Astrology and it is so simple to use. Instruction ebook is included.

The demo version of this Wintimes program is now available. Click below and retrieve it from the web.

Download the easy Wintimes.ZIP file, click OPEN, and at the end of the download, click YES or OK to install it. Try this demo for as long as you'd like. Click to REGISTER when you decide to purchase it. Send registration code and receive an unlock code.



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