Gambling/Astrology Software Programs

The Original Wintimes Program
This program was created in 2001 for gambling astrology along with added features of many different natal wheel charts and transit interpretation. Click here to learn more about the Wintimes program.


Astro Lucky Days Program (upgraded)
This program Astro Lucky Days was created in 2015 and upgraded from the Original Wintimes. We added Bar Graph that made it easier to find high peaks within 24 hours, along with many more added features. Click here to read about the ALD software.




Coming Soon

Keno Program

Lottery Program




"Its All in the Timing!"
An Astrological
Guide to Gambling
By Lorraine DiFelice
& Raina Davis

Gambling Astrology

Kindle or Paperback now available!



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B. Cross won $19.000 playing Poker Tourney - Las Vegas 1/10/2016

Sandy won $800 on Oregon Keno Draw Board for 5/5 on 2/5/2016  Click here

Tom won $4000 at Choctow Casino ~ 4/1/2015

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