I was a blackjack dealer for 25 plus years and met Lorraine in Vegas, we instantly became fast friends. Before I met her, I never documented my wintimes and I kicked myself for that.

I watched Lorraine play Keno machines for 6 months and was amazed how she hit the numbers 6/6 Keno many times. She would tell me "Okay your wintimes is coming, go play Blackjack which was my favorite game at the time. Fifteen minutes later, I came back with $500 within 10 minutes each time over and over again. She taught me how to play Keno and never went back to blackjack since then.


I went to the bar keno machines. I had forgotten to bring my win time charts to Reno and was playing blindly. I started with $5 on a 5 cent 4-Card Keno to play it safe, I kept winning here and there and build it up to $20 and then hit 5/5 Keno, I knew I was on a wintimes and maxed up to 50 cent Keno, hit 6/6 Keno for $800.  I forgot to take photos - darn!  When I got home, I looked at the wintimes and saw Moon and EP aspecting the 10th house for 5/5 Keno. Sun and Moon aspecting Co-Asc and As/Jp for 6/6 Keno.

2/5/2016 I checked my win-times bar graph for next high peak and saw it was coming up at 4:53 pm, went to Safeway grocery store, picked my 5 Keno numbers for 10 drawings, waited till 4:53 to pay, finished shopping and was able to catch the last drawing and won $812!

9/26/2012 -Got off work at 2 am, check my wintimes, look great and went to slot machines @ 2:30 am, start winning here and there up to $400 for 3 hours. By 5 am, I was playing on 25 cent, 20-Card Keno Machines, was not hitting anything. Something tell me to move to next machine on the left and I did. Within 5 minutes at 5:14 am, I hit 8/8 Keno for 50 cents in and won $5000. Sun Libra was in same house as my natal Sun Libra, MN/UR aspecting 11th and VE/UR aspecting 3rd.

9/16/2006 -see proof high peak chart - After the night club party at The Venetian Casino in Vegas, checked my win time chart and saw next high peak coming up at 6:15 AM, sat down on roulette table. I didn't realize it was $25 minimum- $100 for 20 chips. So I played only 5 numbers (25 dollars bet total). It hit my number and got back $175 minus $25 bet. Every single spin, it would land on my random five numbers for an hour! Nobody else could win and lost thousands. I made almost $2500 in an hour. Moon was aspecting all houses, never saw that many Moon aspecting all at once!

9/14/2003 - Lorraine recorded this wintimes for me - don't remember what this was. Must be blackjack and September is one of my good month for gambling.

Hollywood Park Horseracing  won Pick 6 for $10,000 back in 1998.




Gambling is based on chance, Play responsibly

"Its All in the Timing!"
An Astrological
Guide to Gambling
By Lorraine DiFelice
& Raina Davis

Gambling Astrology

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Tom won $4000 at Choctow Casino ~ 4/1/2015

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