4/21/2006 - I won the three jackpots at the Casino. The first was at 5:22 PM; the second at 11:35 PM; and the last one was at 1:22 AM. The last one was great! I sat down at a machine, put in a $20. bill and bet $2. I hit the jackpot on the second draw, so I only had $4. invested. A funny thing happened while I was at the Casino: there was a bad storm going on and it affected their electrical system. A whole section of the games blacked out and and when the power came back on people were winning jackpots right and left. It didn't affect me - I had already won. The "Suits" were running around like crazy trying to keep up with the payouts! Ha! Ha!

4/15/2006 - 4/20/2006 -  I had a great week with win-times. Starting on Saturday, 4/15 I won $500, then $700. Monday, 4/17, I won $900. Didn't play on Tuesday. On Wednesday, 4/19,
$700. On Thursday, 4/20, $1,878 + $600. There's a Mom and Pop convenience store nearby that has a game room. I decided to try testing various win-times there instead of driving to the Casino and spending hundreds of dollars testing aspect numbers. It's only five minutes to get there from my work so it is easier to pop in and out. When I go to the Casino it's very hard for me to leave after only an hour there. Sigh. Anyway, the Magic Time has been great for me.

2/6/2006 - I won two jackpots on Feb. 6th

1/16/2006 - I hit a jackpot for $2832 at 9:26 P; $1250 at 9:40 P; $1250 at 9:57P; and $1250 at 10:10 P. Wow! IT was really exciting!! Venus square all house cusps.

12/21/2005 - I've been winning up a storm!!! Last Monday $100., Friday $500., Saturday $2994., this Monday $2956 and $2614. Whew!!! These were all on wintimes! Hooray!!! Hope you and everyone else are winning also.

10/3/2005 -I went over to Casino yesterday and had a great time! 22's "rule"!!! Hit a sizeable jackpot at 3:34 pm. What a nice birthday gift. I played all evening and all night. Cashed out $$ several times and seemed to get on machines where playing was enjoyable. Enjoyed myself immensely. Thanks for the info on the Transiting Sun conjunct with Natal Sun.

7/15/2005 - won 3 jackpots! Total is around 10K. I projected some win-times for 7/15 and 7/16 and went to Cherokee Friday. I won 3 jackpots!! I'm happy!! All in all, I won almost $10,000.

4/8/2005 - won and also had accident 4:20 and 4:30 pm. I went to the Casino on Friday and played all night. I found lots of 12's and 13's and wanted to try them out. I see now that on those degrees I can play and cash out $400, $600., 200. etc. So, I'm happy about that. I also hit a jackpot at 11:04 pm

2/25/2005 - I projected a win-time of 6:34 pm - and Sandy verified my count - so I was pretty pumped because there were approximately 30 aspects for a big win-time. I followed everyone's advice; i.e., had new 20's in my purse, arrived in plenty of time, found a good machine, etc. From the moment I started to play the machine was "loose" and I built up $300 in credits quickly. 6:34 pm came and went by and no big win? Because the machine was still playing well I continued to play and hit the jackpot at 7:08 (right on the minute at :08) - $2972. I continued to play the same machine while waiting to be paid. Cashed out $600, $200, and $200. So, it was a pretty good win, wouldn't you say? Pluto square aspecting 11th,12th and Co-ASC

2/4/2005 - Yesterday was a very interesting day! I arrived at the Casino at 10:00 a.m. and by 10:15 had found a machine I wanted to play. I started playing at 10:20 and my wintime was supposed to be 10:34. Nothing happened except that I put several hundred dollars in that machine. I was very frustrated but I was there so decided to continue playing. At 10:45 a.m. I hit a royal flush which paid $450. My credits were then about $530. I played it down to $500. and cashed it out.

There was something about the machine that kept me playing - I just had a "feeling" about it. At 12:10:51 p.m. I hit the jackpot - $2850. Thank goodness I hit it because, of course, it went up and down and I had to keep putting money in it. I had a lot of money in it before it hit.

1/15/2005- Lorraine predicted I would hit at 5:20 a.m. and I hit at 5:30 a.m. for $2858!

11/19/04 - won $2373 at 11:32 PM

4/9/2004 - won $1742 at 1:57 PM

4/11/2002 - won 18 times -win total of $57,613 - I had hit $2600+ and $1250. earlier in the day. After I hit the $24,000+ I moved to another bonus poker machine and from about 5:00 PM until 1:00 AM hit the other 15 jackpots on the same machine! The casino people couldn't believe it. When one jackpot hit they would go get the money to pay me and as soon as I started playing again I would hit and they would come back again, over and over.  Magic time hitting all house cusps

3/30/02 - won 4 times - $4,000, $1651, $2230 and $2367 from 9 PM to 4 AM - It was like that on March 30th, 2002. I hit the first jackpot at 9:18 PM for $4,000. I moved to another bank of machines and hit $1651. Moved to another bank and hit $2330. Moved to the fourth bank of machines and hit $2367. I have all those times too. Surely, there is a pattern of lucky numbers, signs, planets, whatever! I KNOW that I am lucky when the transiting moon is in Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius. When there is a cluster of transiting planets in the eighth house I seem to be lucky. If I could just narrow the margin of error I'd be set, wouldn't I??

6/22/2000 - won $2515 at 2:26 AM

6/13/2000 - won $1781 at 12:56 AM

4/23/00 - won $1428 at 7:18 PM

4/23/00 - won $1556 at 11:38 AM

4/22/00 - won $2465 at 12:20 AM

3/19/00 - won $1557 at 9:03 PM

1/27/2000 - won $1398 at 12:12 AM

1/20/2000 - won $1411 at 6:30 A and $2221 at 12:44 PM

1/19/2000 - won $2353 at 1:55 A and $1346 at 4:10 P

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