6/5/2016 - won $5,122 - 222nd place - No Limit Hold'em Colossus II (Event #2) 47th World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2016, Las Vegas

5/29/2016 - won $11,000 - Poker Tourney in Henderson Nevada

- won $19,451 for 2nd place - No Limit Hold'em  Poker Tournament #26 New Year's Extravaganza, Las Vegas- I was in a poker tournament, and I finished 2nd out of 1008 people who entered to win at Venetian Casino. However, there is also plenty of luck involved, so it is really a mix of skill and luck. I had to play skillfully for a long time to do as well as I did in the Poker Tournament, but I also had to get very lucky a couple of times towards the end of the night to win so much money.












Gambling is based on chance, Play responsibly

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Sandy won 5/5 and 6/6 Keno machines at The Sands Casino ~ Reno. Nevada 5/20/2017

Mariette won $800 at South Coast Casino, Las Vegas, NV 6/9/2016 ~Click here

B. Cross won $19.000 playing Poker Tourney - Las Vegas 1/10/2016

Sandy won $800 on Oregon Keno Draw Board for 5/5 on 2/5/2016  Click here

Tom won $4000 at Choctow Casino ~ 4/1/2015

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