5/29/2006 - 5/31/2006 - Went to Atlantic City on May 29th, 30th and 31st (my Birthday). Won about 10 thousand, my best trip ever.

2/13/2004 - 2/15/2004
- I was in Atlantic City. I did good around 1 PM each day, and can't figure out why. On Friday Feb 13th, won the top jackpot on the machine I was playing at 1:05pm. I didn't get to play at that time on Saturday (hotel room issues to be resolved), but played on Sunday and won the top jackpot on a different machine at 12:50PM.

7/25/2002 -I was down in AC last Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I won the whole time I was there, best trip I have ever had.. came home up $2000.00. I even got up early and played a calculated win-time, played 2 machines and won $250.00 on them both. The times of the wins were within 2 minutes of each other. In my case I had lots of 27's, and they worked, but I had lots of transits to them.

11/23/2001- Having fun so far. Had two $250.00 wins this past weekend. Using the timing program I will try to figure out why. One came 2 minutes before the time I had marked on my sheet as a good time. It was on Friday November 23rd at 3:06 PM. I had 3:08 highlighted.









Gambling is based on chance, Play responsibly



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Sandy won 5/5 and 6/6 Keno machines at The Sands Casino ~ Reno. Nevada 5/20/2017

Mariette won $800 at South Coast Casino, Las Vegas, NV 6/9/2016 ~Click here

B. Cross won $19.000 playing Poker Tourney - Las Vegas 1/10/2016

Sandy won $800 on Oregon Keno Draw Board for 5/5 on 2/5/2016  Click here

Tom won $4000 at Choctow Casino ~ 4/1/2015

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