Birth Data
If a birth took place any time after the mid-1930s in any reasonably sized city, the time almost surely was recorded and is on file at a local office. Visit the Bureau of Vital Statistics to see a list of contact information for U.S. records offices. Most bureaus of statistics now merely photocopy the original records when asked for a birth certificate, so if you order a birth certificate, the time should be on it. If, instead, they transcribe information onto a special certificate form, the time may not appear. When ordering a birth certificate it is best to specify that you want the birth time.
Sometimes you can call a bureau of statistics and be told the birth time over the phone. Other times you will be told that birth information can only be given to the person to whom it belongs, and that they are unable to verify your identity by phone. It is your birth information; you have a right to see the document. You may be asked to pay a small fee for a copy.
Hospitals have birth time records, too, but they are not set up to search for them as bureaus of statistics are, so they may or may not be willing or able to provide you with the time.
Here is a list of Vital Records links you can check out:

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