Timing is one of the great secrets to winning in life!

Lorraine DiFelice developed horseracing astrology software aka Wintimes program in 2002 to insure the easiest and fastest way to finding your win times and the jockey's win times and it also cut your time by ¾ rather than doing this manually. What is so special about the Horseracing Astrology program?

Lorraine studied astrology since she was 13 years old and now in her 60's. Her father was a gambler and she started tracking his win days and when he didn't win. Horseracing Astrology program is about finding long shot horses with the most aspects. That is where the money is!

Horseracing is my baby! It's most difficult but if you're picking win times and guessing at the horse #, you have to place bet in same 4 minutes as post time. Preferably 1 minute before post time, so they can be ready and they're off ~ then 1-1/2 minutes to come to finish line. You can win best that way. If track has the machines, just tie one up until a minute before post time. Fumble and be slow, etc. Standing at window and holding up the line is very dangerous. Those people behind you get really mad when you tie up line or move aside and then step back in at post time, make your bet and window closes. You have to worry about if any of them are carrying guns. They get really angry, say things to you, and if looks could kill, I'd be the deadest person there ever was, because that was my regular routine for many years when I lived off the tracks in southern California.

As for handicapping the horses, you have to do it by jockey's birth dates. I have a Horse Racing email group, and over 1500 Jockey’s birthdate from around the world, but I like the Hollywood Park and Santa Anita tracks because they pay more than any other place in the country on a daily basis. When the jockey has 10 to 20 aspects at post time, he's usually knocked off the horse. The horse feels his electricity and goes wacko! Any jockey can win on a 2 to 1 horse with only one aspect. It's when you see a longshot and the jockey has 8 or 10 aspects, he can beat out the 2 to 1 favorite. When I see a 50 to 1 and the jockey has 10 aspects, I box him in the exactas with all other 8 horses, and I usually win $1000 or more for a $32 bet, whether he comes in first or second. I win the triples that way also. Some days McCarran is so hot, I used to just play McCarran triples for $3 each x 3 = $9 and win $500 or $1500 each. He's also known for winning the most triples in racing history, or was a few years ago when I used to go play.

There are things you can learn about the jockeys, also, like McCarran and Nakatani are 30 years apart in age, but their degrees in natal charts are similar. If McCarran comes in 7th, Nakatani is 8th. If McCarron comes in 1st, Nakatani is 2nd. They run together and win together. On a hot day for either of them, I placed McCarran-Nakatani exacta boxes for the day whenever they were in a race together, and won so much from them. There are only about 5 or 6 jockeys who are going to win all day long. You can tell from the first two races who's hot all day. After that, just box all those guys all day long and win all day long. I'm a Gemini long-shot player. I might put a $2 win bet on something in each race, but that's just to cover my other longshot bets. To play one of everything including win, triples, exacta boxes, 6-pick, etc. It cost $102. Then to play the long-shot exactas, I spent another $248 per day ~ $350 per day. But with playing all those and winning a few of my long-shot exactas, that let me come home with a roll of $ in the 4-figures. I always kept my $350 bankroll to go back next day. My horse-racing system is so perfect, but yet so complicated, I couldn't even teach it to proficient Astrologers when I needed help. They just didn't understand it. But it works for me. It's just so complicated with so many "if" factors, and when the post time changes, that's a whole new set of jockeys that will win it.

I tried for years with horse's birthdates ~ no good. It's jockey's birthdates you need, and you can find them at the gift shops at the tracks. They mostly all put out what they call the "Media" Book which lists all jockey's birthdates from previous season.

One thing you can watch for is the number 11, if you can play the horses for Hollywood Park , Santa Anita and Del Mar tracks at your local casinos. When 11s are in the transits, Christine Davenport brings in the 200 to 1 shots. They always put her on longshots and she doesn't win much, but she's made thousands of dollars for me. So watch 11s and play her for $50 to win, $50 in exactas or box her with everyone else in the race for $2 each. In Vegas, Caesar's Palace is the neatest sports book in which to play the horses. Hilton is also a nice one.

I have 1500 jockeys birth dates so far since 1990, there are quite a few new jockeys which I never heard of. If anyone can find the new California jockey birth dates that just came on the last couple of years, please let us know as they are hard to find! I used to go meet the jockeys for autograph and will casually ask them for their birth date and it worked every time! Probably will have to do it again with the new jockeys!

Timing is Everything!


Charting for jockey's wintimes is so fast and easy. No more staying up all night looking over the racing form. The horseracing astrology software does all the work for you.



"Its All in the Timing!"
An Astrological
Guide to Gambling
By Lorraine DiFelice
& Raina Davis

Gambling Astrology

Kindle or Paperback now available!



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